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About Me

Ye Lun is a dynamic dancer and choreographer currently performing with the Luzerner Theater in Switzerland. Originally from Linfen, China, he moved to Shenzhen at 12 and has since danced his way across Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe.

Starting Latin dance at the age of 5, Ye Lun won China’s amateur Latin Dance championship. After dabbling in computer programming, he returned to his true passion—dance. He interprets movement as a language, practising styles like Popping, Tai Chi, Chinese folk and classical dance, contemporary dance, and ballet.

Ye Lun studied at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, earning multiple scholarships and touring internationally. His career includes performances and collaborations with contemporary dance companies in Beijing, Germany, and Switzerland.

Awarded for his choreography "Bau im Fluss" at the 2022 Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Ye Lun playfully continues to explore the boundaries of dance. He blends Eastern and Western aesthetics, creating innovative interdisciplinary works that surprise and captivate.

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