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I'm addicted to art.


I am currently a dancer with Konzert Theater Bern, and previously I was dancing with Landesbühnen Sachsen, Beijing Dance Theater, Beijing LDTX Dance Company and Hong Kong Dance Company.


Here you can know more about my personal story, and my path as an artist.

About me


My Story

I incidentally entered a ballroom dance classroom by losing my direction when studying in kindergarten. I danced International Standard and International Latin as an amateur when I was a kid, and at the same time China was engaged in the revolution of blooming IT development. I decided to devote my passion to computer programming at 15. After studying C++ full-time at a professional programming school, my body felt uneasy and my instinct told me to return to dance.


Inspired by the study of algorithm and seeing programming as a language learning experience, my vision was opened to body movement. My interests extended to Hip-pop, Taekwondo and Chinese Classical Dance whilst I was a major in History and Geography at Shenzhen Middle School, which at the time was one of the few high schools equipped with a University system in China.


I started training professionally with my first ballet class at the age of 18, and meanwhile I started Tai-Chi and Martial Arts training by my father, who was a regional Martial Arts champion when he was young. I began practicing choreography in 2011, and I was the first Chinese graduate of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), with a major in choreography. My previous creation, Fragments, was selected for the Seoul International Dance Competition in 2019.


My movement languages are influenced by multiple styles, including Popping, Tai-chi, Chinese Folk Dance, Ballet and Contemporary Techniques.

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