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Bau im Fluss

Outstanding Performer Award - Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2022 


Bau im Fluss is a personal story, about the tension of finding flow and growth in life. The choreography plays with memory, imagination through the form of personality disorder. Bau im Fluss is a physical incarnation of questions related to stability, fluidity, judgement and mental conflicts. It is also strongly influenced by the extraordinary book 'Siddhartha' from Hermann Hesse.

There is no music in this choreography. In its theatrical approach, it plays with the language diversity in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and English.


Choreography, text 

Ye Lun


14- 16 mins 

Premiere Theater 

Mainfranken Theater Würzburg 

Developer, dancer

Yester Mulens García

There is no music 

We need a pocket-mic for the dancer during the performance

Theatrical guidence 

Dirk Elwert

Thanks for the support from Sonja Wilhelm and Dominique Dumais to allow this choreography happening


Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2022

Awarded Choreographies (Photo creadit by Henning Sjøstrøm)

Photos by Matt Keyworth and Ye Lun

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