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"German, Spanish, English, Taiwanese, Shona, and French wildly mix at a high rhythm." 

-Luzerner Zeitung

Das Langzeitexperiment 

Upcoming Dates
Luzerner Theater

5.June 2024

6.June 2024 

18.June 2024

19.June 2024 


The theme of Das Langzeitexperiment revolves around the concept of translation. Ye Lun is interested in exploring the potential of communication and translation as they pertain to human body language and theatrical methods.

​How well can we comprehend body and spoken language with or without translation?

Will certain information be lost or altered during the translation process?

How does this dynamic play out in a multicultural context that combines movement, acting, and speech?

To what extent can we define meaning or encounter misunderstandings?

Das Langzeitexperiment is playful, insightful, and interactive; incorporating humor, wisdom, and miscommunication as essential elements.

Choreography, stage design and light design

Ye Lun 


Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams "Invisible" (Part)

César Hernández Martínez "Cinco" (Part)

Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams "Surfacing"

Ezio Bosso "Rain, in You Black Eyes"


22 - 24 mins



Wanda Puvogel


Ching Heng Huang

Renata Cidra Labianno

Mattew Prichard

Tanaka Roki

Emma Spinosi

Pei-Chen Tsai


Jonathan Zumsteg

Costume Assistant

Rhea Willimann

Photo by Ingo Hoehn
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