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Flowing Garden


A fantasy garden of human bodies crafted by dancers, mirroring the perpetual flow and transformation of the seasons;

Sometimes expressive,

sometimes rational,

sometimes conversational,

sometimes emotional,

solitary or collective, naturally fluid;

Exploring the connections and possibilities within the diversity of bodily intuition and physical language.


Ye Lun


Chang-Yan Deng


"Currents -  Instrumental" Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

"Retour" Tony Anderson

"Hundred00" Lara Somogyi

"To Speak Of Solitute" Brambles

"Eclosion" Tony Anderson


"Tendenerness"Tony Aderson, Christopher Dennies Coleman

"Seventh Man" Jim Wallis, Nick Goss


Zhi-Ren Xiao

Shao-Yan Bin

Yu-Xi Pan

Ju-Min Zhang

Li-Ke Chang

Qing-Song Zeng


50 Mins

Special thanks to Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2022 for providing the starting point of a fruitful and open collaboration between Ye Lun and Zhi-Ren.

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